First programme

Information and communication technologies 

The first Generation of Ideas programme:

  • Twenty groups took part made up of researchers from the School of Engineering of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).
  • Between the different projects presented there was a wide range of different ideas, from mobile apps to facilitate the sending and exchange of information to devices for improving security and living conditions for pensioners, among others.
  • Of all the participating projects, three companies were created: Ad on Demand, Maxfactory and Knowxel.
  • The Ads on Demand project, by researchers Marco Pedersoli, Pep Gonfaus, Jordi Gonzalez and Xavier Roca, was the winner of the competition.
  • Second prize went to the Knowxel project – a crowdsourcing platform based on mobile devices aimed at improving communication between clients and users of the service, developed by researchers Ariel Amato, Felipe Lumbreras and Angel Sappa.
  • The third prize was awarded to the Amblife project by researchers Edén Corrales, Jordi Marín and Mónica Ramírez, based on the creation of a system for automatically detecting falls.